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Survey sites have gotten a ton of bad publicity in recent times. That being said, there are several legit survey sites that reward you for providing your opinions and you can get paid real cash via PayPal.

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The best part is that Achievement connects to the popular fitness app some of which you may already own. We’re talking MyFitnessPal, Fitbit, RunKeeper, and Healthkit.
You can also specialize in specific fields that pay much more and have a high demand. For example, legal transcriptionists can earn significantly more. .

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You can help them run an offer in an email campaign to try to get them to re-sign up.
If you have a Bachelors degree and need to make some extra money from home during this quarantine you can apply to teach English online to Chinese students. They give you all the material and you get paid per every 25 minute class. You choose your hours and how much or how little you want to work.

making money as a freelance artist

Similarly, VIPKid is hugely popular in this space – to the point that they’ve consistently been ranked in the top five of Forbes’ list of the top 100 work from home companies. They pay slightly less (up to $22 per hour) but have more students on their books, so you may end up actually earning more here.
MyPoints – Every time you make a purchase through MyPoints, you earn rewards Points. These can be used towards hundreds of incentives from their reward catalogue.

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Have you considered freelancing? You can operate as a freelancer in just about any industry — as a freelance writer, designer, accountant, social media manager, website developer or more.

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But financial redress only goes so far. You still have to deal with the inevitable investment of time and energy to fix the damage or clean up the mess.

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    Step 1: Join Swagbucks for free. (Don’t forget to confirm your email address so you can start making money right away).

    Earn up to $40 commission for sales of your pictures on Shutterstock. The more you sell, the more you earn.
    Just download the free Postmates smartphone app and you can get started. Other options – depending on your location – include UberEATS, Deliveroo and DoorDash.

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    A 5% raise would be great, though that's only about $3,000 more per year. Divided by 12 annual salary payments, and you'll get around $250 more in your next check, excluding taxes.

    How to get started: Shopify offers a top-notch webinar that teaches you the ins and outs of starting a profitable dropshipping business.
    You might think making money on Fiverr is difficult, but just check out the gigs offered under the ‘Relationship’ tag:

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    Earn up to $25 per hour transcribing audio into text. This side hustle is for you if you can type 50+ words per minute and pay attention to detail.

    The entire process works seamlessly and money is deposited into your account automatically. You don’t even need to move anything — your renters will move their stuff in (and out) on their own, while you collect a sweet paycheck month after month. Oh, and you’re protected by up to $1 million in liability insurance too. Sign up today to see how much you could earn.
    The app will collect statistics on what websites you go to and how long you stay there. All the data collected is ANONYMOUS, and it’s not linked to you at all!

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    Personal trainers are more essential now than ever. As people become less and less healthy, their work can help better the lives of many.

    Lots of available tasks.Transfer the earnings to your bank account easily.Flexible working schedule.
    The con, however, is there is usually a low margin per sale. If you want to sell eBooks passively, sell through Amazon Direct Publishing. You’ll just upload a PDF of a book you write, and after that, Amazon will do the work and publish it.

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Another option is Skillshare which allows you to teach a broader spectrum of skills. You’re paid by how many people watch your videos.

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You could also consider setting up shop at a local market. This is a great way to meet local business owners who need artwork and people who are looking for local wares.

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A range of typing jobs are available, but the majority fall into the following categories: Transcription: With this type of work, you’ll be typing audio recordings. It might be lectures, dictation, phone messages, conference calls, workshops, speeches, podcasts, interviews, webinars, or videos. Within this category, there are specializations such as legal transcription and corporate/financial transcription. Medical transcription: This role requires specialist training and certification as it involves transcribing dictation made by physicians or medical practitioners. Captioning: A captioner works off live video rather than recorded audio. Fast typing speeds are a requirement and accuracy and stenography equipment.

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Another point well worth mentioning before we go through some of the best opportunities available online, is to point out that many of the earning opportunities tend to offer relatively small amounts of money for each task.

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