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I get a ton of emails from people telling me that they’re not sure making money online is a viable option. They think it’s too risky, and they’re not sure it’s legitimate. They’re not sure it can be a legitimate source of income.

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You can sign up for this free ebook that helps you figure out where to start when it comes to selling printables on Etsy.
More importantly, they use low-cost ETFs and charge a management fee that is much lower than what you pay for traditional mutual funds. Save on investment fees here. .

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If you live in an expensive city, you know how valuable parking can be. If you live downtown, renting out your parking spot will make you real cash, fast.

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If you’re hired, you’ll need to complete a paid training course that lasts five to seven weeks. And you’ll need to spring for a legit home office, which Apple describes as “a quiet, distraction-free room with a door that can close to keep out ambient noise … a desk, an ergonomic chair, and your own high-speed Internet connection from a reliable provider that meets the minimum requirements of 5 megabits per second download and 1 megabit per second upload.”
There is plenty of no-fee (this is important) credit card offers that run throughout the year, and depending on your needs, various cards will suit you better than others. Cash signup bonuses. Increased cashback rates for several months. Gift card rewards or prepaid visa cards. Travel perks and upgrades. The Chase Freedom cards (earn $200 after spending $500 within 3 months with the Unlimited, Flex, or even get both for double bonuses!) Chase Sapphire Preferred (spend $4,000 in 3 months and earn 100,000 points worth over $1k). Great if you’re making a big purchase soon!

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    YouTube offers many different monetization strategies, including Adsense, where you earn a portion of ad revenue, sponsorships, where companies pay you to talk about their products, or affiliate marketing, where you get paid commissions when people buy a product you recommend.

    Who needs to go to the store when you can get it delivered to you? The delivery industry is booming and you might as well make money fast by jumping in.
    Use Shopify’s platform to build your ecommerce site, and they have over 70 customizable themes and a drag-and-drop editor. Select items to sell on your site that can be dropshipped. That means you don’t touch, store, or ship these goods. You’re listing them for sale, and then connecting the customer with the supplier. You still need to run traffic to your site, but Shopify can help you make somewhat passive money online.

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    If you own a website that is up and running, you can sell it on one of these market places. Really, a website is just like online real estate.

    Online businesses are booming with people who have a unique creative flair and can satisfy a client’s wants and desires.
    A HYSA is basically a flexible online savings account that will pay an interest rate that is much higher than a traditional bank. For example, American Express currently offers a 0.60% APY.

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    Different websites have their own methods of payment, which can be monthly or as per its sale schedule. Some pay a royalty of 10-20%, others let you fix your own price over the base price and keep the profit (Rs 30-300 per piece), and some pay a fixed price.

    Founder of Smarts, Brian is an entrepreneur and investor who enjoys working out, reading, spending time with his family and friends, playing chess, traveling and creating great content. He’s passionate about helping others make smarter money moves and achieve financial freedom. He uses the free Personal Capital app to manage his cash flow and net worth.
    Basically, as a member of NCP you help manufacturers and retailers make decisions on what products to develop or improve. How it works: Sign up for your free account here Next NCP will provide you access to use their Smartphone App Then, you’ll use your phone to scan the barcodes on all products you purchase during any shopping trip. You record some other information like where you shopped and how much you paid. Each week you are compensated with points that can be redeemed for CASH. Earn $$ scanning groceries! For more info, you can check out their website or sign up here.

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    Our web developer, Martin, was able to charge $1,000 for a basic website when he was freelancing. And those development skills eventually led him to a full-time career working for College Info Geek. So whether you want to make some extra money on the side or enter an in-demand, well-paying field, web development is worth learning.

    Update: Here are some additional survey sites we’ve added since this article was first published: My Soap Box, and Product Report Card.
    I have seen many authors, bloggers, and online business owners wanting to translate their e-books, articles, podcasts into other languages other than English so they can reach non-English speaking markets like French, German or Chinese.

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Second to selling, which also offers much more long-term earning potential, is freelancing. Having a skill that others are willing to pay for is one of the best ways to grow your income today and in the future.

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Here, you create printables, bracelets, furniture and list them for free on Etsy. Just let your imagination work for you.

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One is InstaGC and the other is Swagbucks. And millions of people (probably some of your friends and family, too) are already using these sites to earn some extra cash.

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