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However, being easy generally means you won’t earn a ton of money. However, if you’re only looking to make extra money online in your spare time then going with a trusted survey website has it’s benefits.

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While mystery shopping is a legitimate way to make money, you do need to watch out for scams. Here's how to choose a legit company: Check to see if the company is a member of the Mystery Shopping Professionals Association (MSPA). Never use a company that requires upfront payment to join.
The more money you can earn in your spare time, the better quality of life you can enjoy. .

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If you don’t have a proper computer or a stable internet connection, you might have to invest in one.
If you live near a travel hotspot, whether it’s a popular tourist city; a theme park; or home to seasonal sports events, concerts or festivals, open your home to visitors to make a little pocket money.

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Not only can you start making money faster, you can also learn what customers like (and don’t like) about the products that you sell. You can then use this insider information to create your own line of products to then sell to your customer base.
Affiliate marketing is a simple way to make money online by selling other people’s products. A lot of businesses also have an affiliate program (even Amazon), so if you’re able to find customers for their products, you’ll get a piece of the profit.

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TIP: If you're trying to decide between making money online with a membership site or an online course, remember one requires regular updating, and the other you must constantly provide new value.

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Many people prefer not to leave their house empty when they go away for vacation. Or, if they have pets, they’d much rather leave them at home where they’re comfortable, instead of dropping them off at a kennel. If you don’t mind staying in someone else’s home, you can make good money, with some added perks, by offering to house or pet sit for families in your neighbourhood.

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    Acorns is one of the largest micro-investing apps. They allow you to invest a few dollars and earn interest.

    Companies pay people to test out their websites to ensure the layout, wording, and functionality is clear and understandable. So you can make money online by providing your valuable opinion to businesses who want to test how their websites perform.
    Dropshipping is a popular way for commerce-savvy Australians to make money online. It’s very similar to retail arbitrage, in that it involves buying at a lower price and selling at a higher price.

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    You’ll want to focus on ideas that bring in more passive income so you don’t have to actively work to get a steady paycheck.

    While there is some work upfront — such as listing your space and connecting with clients — once the storage is set up, there’s very little work on your part.
    A micro job is a small task a gig worker completes for a company. The typical micro job includes photo tagging and captioning, surveys, keyword searches, data entry, and short editing.

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    Focus groups can have many different formats. Popular ones are online chat groups, webcam interviews, mobile phone video responses, live surveys with online moderators, in-person at a central location, or even on the regular telephone. Websites where you can search for and join focus groups: Accelerant Research Focus Group Interactive User Interviews Plaza Research Survey Squad (Focus Forward) 20|20 Panel SIS International Research Fieldwork NRC

    However, don’t expect the money to start rolling in overnight. Countless people are selling courses online already (or attempting to), which makes competition fierce. Success takes time, requires strong marketing skills, and usually involves developing a loyal following beforehand.
    Data entry work is easy to do with minimal experience and also not very challenging. Expect to see the most success when you know how to use MS Office programs like Excel, for example.

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    An affiliate is a person or entity who sells goods or services on behalf of someone else, usually for a certain commission. There are many websites where you can earn money by selling other merchants’ goods.

    Struggling to afford your student loans? Learn how an income-driven repayment plan can lower your monthly payment. Home Make Money Online Jobs Advertiser Disclosure Earn Money Online: 47 Proven Ways To Make Money Online Now If you're looking to earn money online, look no further than this list. From the easiest ways to make money to the most lucrative, we document it all here.
    Getty Images & iStockPhoto: Apply to become a Getty/iStock contributor by submitting 3-6 sample images. Then, get paid in royalties between 15-20%.

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Maybe you have a new take on an old business model, or want to try a new approach to an idea you’ve always wanted to work on. Why not start your own business? The out-of-pocket expenses could go as little as $15-20 a month or as high as your budget will permit. But remember you have to spend money to make money!

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For example, if you buy a phone for $100 but are savvy enough to know that you can trade it in for $20 a few years later, it is like getting it for only $80.

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Using platforms like Zoom, it couldn’t be easier to organize a webinar and make some money online along the way.

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